Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching

Comprehensive 12 module course designed to give you the in-depth knowledge and skills you need to work as a professional Life Coach. Accredited training with expert tutors. Also suitable for coaches who would like to further develop their qualifications.

  • Accredited training with one-to-one tutor support.
  • Study at home in your own time.
  • FREE life-time listing on on successful completion of the course.
  • Use the letters Adv. Dip, Coach after your name.

A life coach works with individuals to help them reassess their current lifestyle and make changes, identify life goals, and move towards greater fulfillment at work and in their personal life. Coaches may also work with groups and organisations.There are no set class times, so you can fit study into your life in a way that suits you. You'll benefit from one-to-one support from an expert personal tutor who you can contact by email or instant chat at any time.

I've just finished the Life Coaching Advanced Diploma course and would like to say thanks to all the team - I've really enjoyed the course and found it incredibly useful. Although I've offered coaching as part of my work role for a number of years, the course offered a fresh perspective and really helped me to bring all of my experience and knowledge together. The advice on setting up a Life Coaching business was also invaluable. My tutor has been a great source of advice throughout the course and we're still in touch regularly as I set up my new coaching business. I can't recommend the course highly enough. It's incredible value for money.

Jude Holloway


  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching - Level 4

Level 4 accredited by the ACCPH. Our certificates are accredited and recognised by employers. For more on our accreditation please see our About Us page. 

Payment Options

Costs - Online Course: £540

Online courses are delivered in a .pdf format directly to your email inbox. you can save them to your computer for future reference or print off if you prefer. 

Terms and Conditions

Enrol via Paypal - £540

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Pay by 6 instalments - £90 each

6 x £90 - total cost £540.

Course Outline

Study topics include: building an effective coach-client relationship, identifying problems and strengths, motivating clients, understanding the past, goal-setting, changing belief systems, achieving life change, supporting the client, running your own life coaching business, lessons from high achievers. The course involves approximately 240 hours of study. Students have up to 12 months to complete this course, allowing them to work through the modules at their own pace. On average, however, it takes students around 10 months to complete the course, based on 4 - 6 hours study time per week.

Module 1: Professional Life Coaching. What does a life coach do? Skills needed by a life coach. Coach-client dynamic. Client obstructions to reaching goals. Coach self-awareness. Stages of change model. CBT strategies for change - client sessions.

Module 2: Identifying Client Needs. Your first meeting - setting the scene, body language. Working with colleagues. Boundaries in coaching - confidentiality, timing, importance, other key boundaries. Meeting your first client. Are you ready? Referral. An holistic approach. An introduction to CBT. Lifestyle and personality.

Module 3: Stress Management. Assessing stress levels. Stress as a motivating force. Stress and performance. Physical impact of stress. Understanding anxiety. Managing stress. Stress in the workplace. Understanding workplace stress - assessing risk, supporting staff, preventing workplace stress.

Module 4: Client Context and Core Coaching Skills. Understanding the core conditions. Active listening. The client's internal viewpoint. Coach voice and body messages. Focusing skills. Challenging skills. How to challenge. Blocks to change - procrastination, avoidance, resistance. Persistence and self-efficacy. Feedforward. Working with client feelings. Clients in context.

Module 5: Coaching Models and Structure. The coaching process - GROW model, SMART goals, strategies for achieving goals. CBT approach to coaching - assessment, maintaining processes, problem development, case formulation. Developing emotional literacy.

Module 6: Key CBT Techniques. CBT session structure. Core CBT techniques. Planning sessions. Introducing homework. Introduction to NLP. Thirteen suppositions. Modelling. Origins of NLP. Practical NLP activities.

Module 7: Nonvernal Communication and Rapport. Relating to others: rapport, matching, micromatching, part-matching, VAK communication, learning style. Pacing and leading. Mismatching. Establishing relationships. Negotiation: core principles. Using anchors. The Swish pattern. Beliefs for change.

Module 8: Creating Change with NLP. Representational systems. Submodalities. TOTE model. Robert Dilt's logical levels of change. Modelling in practice. Full modelling project. NLP strategies - well-formed outcomes, using strategies, strategy elicitation, strategy notation, designing and installing strategies

Module 9: Coaching in Organisations. Coaching in the small business - start-ups, a growing business, SWOT analysis, the Ansoff-Product-Market Matrix. Organisational change. Understanding and managing resistance to change. Leadership styles. Leadership development. Business growth management. Introducting coaching to the organisation. Understanding groups. Facilitating groupwork.

Module 10: Exploring Online Coaching. Key elements of online coaching. Forms of online coaching. Client experiences. Psychology of online text relationships. Developing e-coaching skills. Support, boundaries and ethics. Confidentiality and security

Module 11: Working with Young Clients. Key features of coaching for children and young people. Goals of coaching. Understanding children and young people. Understanding young client's problems - common coaching issues. Attachment theory. Patterns of attachment in adult relationships. Working creatively with clients.

Module 12: Running a Life Coaching Practice.  Running a practice. Business structure. Legal issues. Your working environment. Elements for success. Starting your business. Finance. Marketing. Building your online profile.

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Your course material is delivered in a .pdf format directly to your inbox. You can then save the modules to your computer, so you can study when offline. You can also print your course material off if you wish.

If you prefer, you can order a printed copy of the course notes from The Coach Training Centre. These are despatched in large, A4 binders and delivered by courier. The cost is £70 including courier fees.

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Our tutorial support is second-to-none. You'll be assigned a personal tutor as soon as you enrol who will work with you all the way through. You can contact your tutor directly at any time if you have any questions or problems, or if you would just like a chat about how the course is going. Tutorial support is by e-mail and instant chat.

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