Business Coaching

Train as a Business Coach with our accredited, online course!

This is a comprehensive 6 module online course for people wishing to work professionally as business coaches, or to use business coaching skills within their professional role. It also explores the skills required to run a successful Business Coaching practice, from setting up business to working with clients.

Great course, covering core skills well and with lots of additional material I didn't expect. The tutor support is professional and always available, adding an important extra dimension to the course. 

Tim Kitson 

Study topics include: building an effective coach-client relationship, understanding business stage, turning around a failing business, identifying problems and strengths, motivating clients, goal-setting, changing belief systems, achieving organisational change, supporting the client, group work, developing leadership and teamwork skills, running your own business coaching business, lessons from high achievers.

The course involves approximately 96 hours of study, which equates to approx 8 hours per week over the 12 weeks of the course. (Note: although we suggest a 12-week timetable, students can take up to a year to complete the course if they prefer to work more slowly.). It also includes:

  • the option to use your logo on your website on successful completion of your course;
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  • Professional Certificate in Business Coaching Level 3

Level 3 Accredited by the ACCPH. As part of Borders Connect all of our training is accredited. Our certificates are recognised by employers, useful as evidence of continuing CPD, and a great addition to your cv. You can find out more about our accreditation on our About Us page.

Course Outline

Module 1: Defining Business Coaching - An introduction to business coaching. Roles of coach and client in business coaching. Leaders and managers as business coaches. Mindfulness, self-awareness and reflection. Running a business coaching business. Model of change. Emotional literacy.

Module 2: Models for Business Coaching - Coaching models. Goal setting. Essentials of CBT and NLP. Fundamental coaching skills. Applying leadership skills. Assessing the stage of business development – start-up, growing, declining, stable. Turnaround a failing business.

Module 3: Coaching Skills - Focusing, questioning and challenging skills. Managing resistance to coaching. The role of congruence and UPR. Active listening. Beliefs for success. Addressing blocks to change, including procrastination and avoidance. Persistence.

Module 4: Stress Management and Business Performance - Understanding stress. Managing stress effectively. Harnessing the motivating force of stress. Physical impact of stress. Considering lifestyle and personality.

Module 5: Working with Online Clients - Elements of online coaching: email, videoconferencing, Skype, and other tools. Building effective coaching relationships online. Designing your website. Case study. Business assessment tools. Case Study. 

Module 6: Coaching Organisations -. Relating skills. NLP skills - pacing, leading, anchoring, VAK system, the SWISH pattern. Effective negotiation. Key issues. Business growth management. Strategic planning. Managing business partnerships. Group coaching - underlying theory, group development, effective group work. Running your coaching practice. Case Study.

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