NLP Practitioner Diploma

This course explores NLP in depth and leads to an NLP Practitioner Diploma. It is ideal for students who wish to apply NLP principles in their professional life, for example, in business, education, coaching or therapy.

Develop an expert understanding of NLP principles.

  • Accredited online training with one-to-one tutor support.
  • Learn how to use NLP principles and apply them to a range of professional situations.
  • Learn how to apply advanced NLP skills and techniques.
  • Develop key client skills.
  • Study at home in your own time.

This is a comprehensive course that builds knowledge in a logical way and provides plenty of practical activities that help you to put theory into practice. Covers core client skills well too. The tutorial team are very knowledgable and always happy to offer advice and take time to explain more complex ideas. 

Scott Jackson 

Advanced 8 module course with a strong practical focus - approx 60 hours of study.

The Coach Training Centre is a leading provider of training in coaching skills.There are no set class times, so you can fit study into your life in a way that suits you. You'll benefit from one-to-one support from an expert personal tutor who you can contact by email or instant chat at any time.


  • Practitioner Diploma in NLP  (Level 4)

As part of Borders Connect all of our training is accredited. Our certificates are recognised by employers, useful as evidence of continuing CPD, and a great addition to your cv. You can find out more about our accreditation on our About Us page.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to NLP – history of NLP; underlying theory and philosophy; key principles of NLP; personal excellence; modelling success; the NLP model; exploring the presuppositions; dynamics of change; the VAK model.

Module 2: Non-Verbal Communication and Rapport - matching; building rapport; pacing and leading; mismatching; NLP and language; body language and effective communication; matching with congruence; states with congruence - accessing states, anchoring, collapsing an anchor, association and dissociation, swish pattern.

Module 3: Creating Change - strategies for success; feedback systems; identifying and using strategies; the TOTE model; strategy chunks; skills for effective modelling; the modelling process; strategies that work.

Module 4: Core Strategies and Models - introduction to strategies; decision strategies; motivation strategies; success strategies; meta models; Deep structure and surface structure; meta model questions; NLP and motivation.

Module 5: Interpreting the World – representational systems; identifying sensory preference; eye movements; synaesthesia; submodalities and the meaning of experience; changing experience and behaviour; NLP and language; conscious use of language; Milton language patterns; rapport and utilisation; using the patterns; metaphor as a tool of communication.

Module 6: Thinking Outside the Box – exploring new perspectives; different perceptual positions; behaviour and neurological level; alignment; frames and reframing; reframing for results; developing client's creative thinking; positive thinking.

Module 7: Further Applications - understanding time; perspectives on time; identifying a timeline; timelines in action; NLP in therapy and coaching; eliminating fear and phobias; NLP and behavioural change; building self-esteem; letting go of the past; resolving your self-image; deep relaxation; using affirmations

Module 8: Working with Clients - communicating with clients; understanding client lifestyle; professional standards, ethics and codes of practice; legal requirements; continuing personal and professional development; NLP in sales; NLP in education; NLP in business.

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