Stress Management

Train as a Stress Management Coach with our accredited, online course!

This is a comprehensive 6 module online course for students wishing to work professionally as a stress management coach. It also explores the skills required to run a successful Stress Management practice, from setting up business to working with clients.

Study topics include: stress and the mind-body connection; identifying stress; coaching and stress management; coaching models; NLP principles; mindfulness; stress management in the workplace; time management; principles of CBT; change and crisis management; underrstanding loss and grief; online coaching; running a coaching practice.​

Perfect course for me at just the right time - I've moved into a role at work where a key part of my role is supporting staff with stress problems. The course offers a good balance of looking both at personal stress management and stress management within the workplace. Fab tutor and support team too! 

Julie Ahmed

The course involves approximately 96 hours of study, which equates to approx 8 hours per week over the 12 weeks of the course.(Please note that you can take up to a year to complete the course if you prefer to work more slowly.) It also includes:

  • the option to use your logo on your website on successful completion of your course;
  • a free lifetime listing on the Life Coach Directory -


  • Professional Certificate in Stress Management Coaching Level 3

Level 3 accredited by the ACCPH. As part of Borders Connect all of our training is accredited. Our certificates are recognised by employers, useful as evidence of continuing CPD, and a great addition to your cv. You can find out more about our accreditation on the About Us page.

Course Outline

Module 1: Stress and the Mind-Body Connection. - Definitions of stress; identifying stress – signs and symptoms; positive and negative effects of stress; acute and chronic stress; stress as a positive force; achieving peak performance; emotional intelligence and stress management; strengthening relationships; raising self-awareness; understanding and managing resistance; emotional intelligence and leadership; relating styles; developing assertiveness skills.

Module 2: Coaching and Stress Management. - Defining coaching; planning client sessions – beginning, middle, and ending; active listening skills; questioning and focusing skills; goal-setting; building client rapport; learning styles; ethical guidelines – boundaries and referrals; coaching models including GROW; principles of NLP; relaxation techniques; mindfulness; visualisation, imagery and affirmations.

Module 3: Stress Management in the Workplace -   Time management. Developing client skills. Impact of workplace stress. Employer's responsibilities. Stress in the workplace. Supporting mental health in the workplace. Stress risk management. Management standards. 

Module 4: Stress Management and CBT. - Principles of CBT; ABC model; examining unhelpful thinking patterns; overcoming blocks to change; CBT approaches to managing anxiety; CBT and individual coping styles; identifying and addressing unhelpful core beliefs; behavioural approaches; worksheets and activities. Change and crisis management. Understanding loss and grief. PTSD. 

Module 5: Working with Clients Online. - Elements of online coaching – email, videoconferencing, Skype, and other tools; building effective coaching relationships online; Understanding online clients; define online coaching; limitations and strengths; approaches to online coaching – tools and strategies; ethical issues and boundaries in online coaching; the psychology of text relationships.

Module 6: Running a Coaching Practice. - Practical considerations. Finding premises/working from home. Accounts. Finding clients. Advertising. Confidentiality. Keeping records. Continuing professional development. Self-care - burnout and vicarious traumatisation. Case study.

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